METAL ENERGY gig is back again. After more than a year we bring you absolute top slovak metal bands. You can see ANTIMON, DEPRESY, ANTARES, GALADRIEL and PROTEST. We hope you´re looking forward to it and you´ll support us. All the best ANTARES
Live in Vrable open air
After a long time and first time this year we are going to play live an open air gig. In Vrable at Gothoom fest you can see Antares and others bands from Slovakia doing inferno under the clear sky. See you on 14th of June in Vrable fans!!!
After long time we are comming back to home stage. In new club with brand new songs from upcoming fourth album and great attitude and taste to make another metal inferno for our best fans. See you on 26th of April in Pistol Pistol, friends!!
fight for SUMMER NIGHTS fest in Austria
Dear fans, we would like to ask you to fight for us to be in line-up at SUMMER NIGHTS festival in Salzburg/Austria. Please, vote for ANTARES if you like it at: vote now and put your e-mail address and confirm the link which they send you... We hope that we´ll be succesfull with your help in this competition. ALL THE BEST...ANTARES
It´s a long time from our last gig. But after some difficult months full of work we are comming back and you can see ANTARES on stage again. APOCALYPSE FEST in Trnava is the right place and the date of this metal inferno is 21th of December. See you there, friends!!!
First time in Poland!
ANTARES is going to play very first gig in Poland. It´s the result of cooperation with polish band Gilotyna and we´ll take a part of the concert of TURBO - the legend of polish metal music. More info you can find at:
Last show of this year
Our last gig of this year you can enjoy in Naozzay club in Nitra. With Tisíc let od ráje, Ľahká múza, Doomed, Silent Tears and others... Fans in Nitra were always fucking great and we hope to be the same again. See you there, friends!!!
Good news for fans from Martin and surroundings. If you wanna visit next volume of Metal Energy fest with Comedown, Protest, Antares, Gilotyna and Firestorm, come to see them on 7th of october in Elefant music arena. See you there!
It was really great to play for the fans in Bratislava and that is why we make music as well. We would like to thank you!!! You were gorgious!
Pečeňový záchvat
Day after the gig with Rotting Christ you can see us in Dolny Kubin at the minifest called Pecenovy zachvat. Also with Hecate,Surgical Dissection, Pagan Spirit a Adultery. Who likes Orava region and fans from this specific part of our country cannot miss it.
May day fest in Randal
The place of the May Day fest has changed little bit. But just the floor because Randal Club is under the previous hall called Babylon Music. Our show did not changed and we are prepared to bring you metal set full of energy with some cover as well. Enjoy it our friends!!!
New photos
Some new images in photo category from our gig in Dornbirn. Enjoy it!!!
The Metal Prelude vol. 1
If you will be in Martin on 6th of May do not miss The Metal Prelude show at Elefant Music Arena with Parental Advisory, Antares, Faderay, So Fine and Agonia. See you there, friends!!!
Review by
Mind Collectors have got another great review from austrian metal web site We´ve got 6 points out of 7. It is again great success for this album abroad because this site is one of the most respectable in Austria.
IMPACT fest in Dornbirn
The end of april is date of superb fest in Dornbirn called IMPACT fest. We are going to play there on 29th of april in same day as headliner GRAVEWORM. We hope that our fans from western Austria, Switzerland and Germany will support us.
Mind Collectors - underground record of the week!!!
Our third album Mind Collectors became a "Underground record of the week" at . We are really proud of it. Another reviews by foreign zines you can find at or
Good news for fans in Czech republic. If you are going to take a part on Bloodfest in Mylotice u Kyjova on 8th of april we´ll meet there. Our set you can see before headliners Silent Stream of Godless Elegy or Ingrowing.
Rotting Christ in Bratislava
Remember the date: 16.6.2006. We´ll play as a support band with Rotting Christ show in Bratislava. With other bands Galadriel, Mother Monstifera and Six Degrees of Separation. We hope that you will support this excellent gig.
Austrian gig
We are planning lots of gigs abroad for this year. First confirmed action is Final Destination Festi in Austria on 12th of May 2006. Day after we´ll play on a similar action on other location in Austria. See you there!!!
 Nitra session
Friday the 13th of January - this is inferno session in Nitra in Naozzay club with Ingrowing, Vighun and Symphony of Destruction. Start at 20.00. See you!!!
 PF 2006
Heavy new year, friends!!! Stay cool and believe in metal music. All the best ANTARES
 Vianočný koncert Metal Energy vol.5
Thank you fans!!!
Thanx a lot our friends for being there on Metal Energy fest vol.4 and for your great and loud support. You´re the best!!!
 THE PLAGUE STUDY CONTINUUM odvolali vystúpenie!!!
The Austrians "TPSC" canceled their gig in Rock Pub on October 22nd. Reason? Singer´s health state. Pity... Fortunately we have been successful to obtain equivalent alternative. Their place will take the countryplayers OLEMUS. The band released 4 records and who likes melodic energic metal as well as IN FLAMES, let come (
 Krst albumu Mind Collectors!!!
Metal Energy fest vol.4 is comming!!! On 22nd of October in Rock Pub we are going to celebrate the releasing of Mind Collectors album. See you there!
Metal Burning Fest
Very first chance to buy our new album Mind Collectors you will have on Metal Burning Fest in Cesky Tesin. Our set is starting on 20th of August right after 12a.m. Do not miss it!!! All the best Antares
New album cover artwork
We have decided for selfreleasing of first load of our new album. We still trying to sign a contract with one of the chosen labels but we cannot wait already. Fans, who are waiting for it will be suttisfied untill the end of August. At this therm Mind Collectors will be out!!!
First video of Antares
We have made very first video of Antares. It is made for title song Mind Collectors and will be included with new CD. But first some pictures in photo category from shooting.
Mind Collectors art work
Two persons again are producing our CD artwork. Photographer Michal Pisny and graphic designer Dodo Datel from Galadriel. We have some versions of main image for cover. We´ll put it here after finishig.
Our new songs are in master studio now. We are preparing distributions of promo CD´s to labels. During this time we´ll play just one gig in Wienna. See you there!!!
Final number of songs for 3rd album is 8. You will find there: Mind Collectors,Unirony, Fly with Breeze, Dialogue III., Deamon Within, Triumph, Guilty or Not and Requiem. We hope that you are really looking forward to it? All the best ANTARES
Do you want to see how it looks like in studio during recording our third album? Just see foto category!!!
Live in Trstena!!!
Our only and last gig befor work in studio will happen on 19th of December in Trstena. With Abortion, Dogma INC., SGP Projekt, AYA and Guns´n´Roses Revival. Do you wanna hear and see new songs of us? Do not miss it!!!
 3rd ALBUM!!!
ANTARES is going to start recording of 3rd album at the begining of January. We are sure that all advantages of our music - brutality, atmosphere, melody and energy you will find on it again. Eight songs are prepared: Anirony, Mind Collectors, Guilty or Not, Fly by Breeze, Deamon Inside, Dialogue III., Requiem and The Triumph. Maybe one more should find a place there. We are sure that it will be really great music for all our fans and the others as well. All the best from ANTARES.
We would like to say big THANK YOU for all those great fans in Rock Pub on 22nd of October. It was really fucking great atmosphere and we hope that you enjoyed it. We are looking forward to next gig after releasing our third album. Thanx a lot friends!!!
Made in Fear´- worldwide!!!
Metal Blow Records from Belarus is spreading our album Made in Fear worldwide in cooperation with CD Maximum. More info you can find at
Tričká Made in Fear zadarmo!!!
Each 30th incoming metalhead at our anniversary gig will get our T-shirt Made in Fear free!!! We expacting full house :-).
Made in Fear OUT NOW in CD MAXIMUM
Made in Fear is out now by russian mega label CD-Maximum. The official releasing date is 13th of September. More info you can find at
10. výročie ANTARES = live in ROCK PUB
22nd of October 2004 live in Rock Pub /Martin/ Faderay - progrock á la Nightwish Essence of Existence - really cool black metal Antares - 10 years anniversary concert with a lot of songs from our past and also from future Seeds of Sorrow - excelent death from Austria and Depresy - Slovak metal legend Do not forget!!! Just for 1 Euro!!!
Prípravy na tretí smrteľný zásek
Our live activities are stopped for now. The reason is very simple. We have hard work with brand new songs for third album now. Some new titles of the songs: ANIRONY, MIND COLLECTOR, FLY BY BREEZE, GUILTY OR NOT.
 Metal fest Prusanky
If anybody of you will be near by village Prusanky in Hodonin district /CZ/ show your metal heads at Metal fest on 16th of July. ANTARES will wait for you on 9 p.m. See you there!!!
Open Hell fest 2004 - Volyne /CZ/
Something for fans from Austria and Germany. If you are going to take a part on Open Hell fest 2004 in Volyne, you can see us to play there on Saturdays playlist. Don´t miss it!!!
II. Oravský rock fest
Are you planning to visit Orava region in Slovakia during the last weeks of July? If yes, do not forget The Second Orava Rock fest in Nizna on 23rd of July!!! We`ll be there!!!
 Jun 2004 (3)
Enjoy MP3s from last two albums. There are some interesting parts of our music. If you want to have it in your audio at home, just say!
Jun 2004 (2)
It is a long time we could not offer you english version of our web site. Now it works!!! You can find here all information about the past, present and future of the band. We are looking forward to your reviews of the web and also an ideas to improve it. For better and quicker communication you can use a guestbook of course.
 Jún 2004 / June 2004
 V októbri 2003
"Made in Fear"
 V auguste